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Digital Media can be contacted for support during our regular business hours 9:00AM - 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. You can call or fax us at the following numbers: phone: 609-738-1600       fax: 609-738-1601

You can also email us Email is a quick way to get a response to your problem. Send a detailed explanation of the problem and our techs will respond as quickly as possible.

How to use the on line data system:

After logging in an address box will appear.

1. Type in street address, user can type in just city/state or zip code with street address. Click "search".

2. The search will produce a map for your location. Address will be marked by a blue star.

3. Above the map a white info box will display: Community & Panel Number, Flood Zone and Date(date is shown as:year/month/day)

4.Alternate search method: If you can't locate property by address, then you can search by zip code and use tools above map to navigate, zoom in/out, and mark property.

How to use the tools

There are Five Tools above map: left click on tool to activate, left click on map to use.

"I" with a circle around it. This is an information tool. When you activate it, it will allow you to click anywhere on the map to get the Flood,Census and Zoning(zoning information only available for IL/MA/NJ) for that area. A separate window will pop up showing this information for you.

Zoom In tool allows you to zoom into the map to show more detail.

Zoom Out tool allows you to zoom further away to show more area.

White Hand tool allows you to navigate around map. To use, left click/hold and drag map. Map will recenter itself.

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