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The following are the most commonly asked questions about our software and on line data service.


Q.  Where does the flood information come from?
A.  The information is created from from FEMA FIRM panels. The paper maps are vectorized which will create a digital image of each panel. FEMA's FMSIS data and Tiger maps streets data are also used in the creation of our digital data.
Q.  How does the program work?
A.  Just type in a street address along with the zip code and your property will be plotted on a map.  The flood information, Community Panel Number/Zone/Date, will appear on top of the map.
Q.  How can the program help me with determination of new construction or vacant/unimproved land?
A.  As with everything GIS is not perfect. For situations such as these we give you the ability to mark an area on the map. You have the local expertise and you can identify these new or unimproved areas better than anyone.
Q.  Is this the same as a flood certification?
A.  No.  A flood certification also includes the standard FEMA form. This is not meant to be used for certifications.
Tech support is available by calling 609-738-1600

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